#SundayThoughts - 3

"I learn how to follow my heart and guts. When you do believe you can, then you actually can. God is so good all the time." :)

woman standing on grass field
Photo credit to: unsplash.com


Bangkok 2018

Last week, I went to Bangkok with all of my colleagues. We were celebrating our 5th anniversary there. Bangkok was super fun! People in there are so nice and also the food was really really good. 

I made my very first video to sum up our trip in Bangkok. I just got an idea when I was on the plane thinking about 'why don't I try to make a video for this trip?'. Then I finally made it! For an amateur like me, I am totally proud of myself for making something new out of my routine. Kindly watch it and lemme know what do you think :)


Short Getaway to BALI

It was my second time here in Bali, but this time I was with my mom. Not many things to do in Bali since it was a really short time and the main reason we were there is to attend my mom's old friend's daughter's wedding. Gladly to have a chance to accompany her met her long lost best friend since college. It was a really touching moment to see them gather and talk about the old things they used to do back when in college. 

May 10, 2018
Arrived in Ngurah Rai International Airport of Denpasar, Bali

I finally back in Bali. Seriously, it was an exciting moment in my life because I went to Bali alone by myself. Yeah, although for the next couple of hours my mom would arrived. My mom took a plane from Manado and she must transit to Makassar in order to continue the trip to Bali. While me took a plane from Jakarta because I currently live and work here. We met in Ngurah Rai airport.


The Return of The Young Prince by A.G. Roemmers | #WeekendBook

Hi, I am back. It's been months and now I am coming back to freshen up your mood with these quotes and important notes I got from the book #2 of The Little Prince. I don't know if you guys haven't seen my previous post about the book #1 but here in case you curious.

Yes, I finally made it to the second book. It's pretty good book because you'll learn here how important friends, family, and the environment are.