My Surprised Birthday Party

June 28, 2011

Yesterday is my birthday. So sorry I'm not updating this blog yesterday. I'm totally busy hehe :P. Btw, I'm so glad about yesterday. It was my amazing birthday party ever!!! Thanks a lot to my friends V8. Yeah, they're rock!! Yesterday I'm so upset cos they're not coming yet. I'm waiting until hmmmm 12.30 pm (maybe, cos I didn't see the time). And the first coming is Merry and Astrid. They're said "sorry, cos we stuck in traffic (macet)". I was thinked 'yeah, that's fine, but mana yang lainnya?'. And then Jeannet coming. Ohh, thank God. Sisa 3 lagi yang belum datang. Ehh, wait a minute is that Melisa? Wow, yeah!! They're coming with a birthday cake and candle "birthday girl" on it. I was speechless. I couldn't said anything except smile and laughing on my face. I'm totally surprised. Thank you V8. Thank you for Melisa, Merry, Astrid, Eli, Allysa, and Jeannet. Thank you Thank you like a million times!!! :D

from left to right: Melisa, Jeannet, Eli, Me, Merry, Allysa, and Astrid

Thank you for the cake guys! :D

Yesterday is history :)

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