Happy December

December 02, 2013

I forgot to say "Happy December!". It's not really that important but I feel so happy because in less than 3 weeks I will come back to my hometown and celebrate Christmas and New Year event with family and boyfriend hehe. Holiday is near but the final exam is more near. Before go back to hometown I have to face final exam first. This is kinda sad but I have to. Have to? Yes! I have to face this and I have to get GPA more than 3. Because it will influence with my scholarship. Yeah the bad thing if you get scholarship is you have to maintain your score to keep the scholarship. But I believe that I can maintain it. Haha keep motivated myself! Okay, it's too much to say. Come back to laptop. 

Christmas. Everyone loves Christmas (for Christian people). Because Christmas is the event that really memorable. We gather with family, celebrate together. And also Christmas is decorated with rainy season (in Indonesia) and winter season (in Europe) so that's why I said really 'memorable'. I wish someday I can celebrate Christmas in Europe with the people I love to feel the winter season itself. I don't know why I love Christmas actually. Maybe because it really heart-warming. I don't know. I just feel that Christmas is really make me ':D' I don't know to describe, it's too difficult to find the words.

So the conclusion is.............I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!! haha too lebay. Wish me luck for the final exam! Good GPA..Amen :) xx.

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