Last day of 2013

December 31, 2013

December 31st is the last day of the year. People can't wait for the next day because in the next day is a new year. In the end of the year I want to tell every story (that I remember) that has happened in this year.
January: My boyfriend's birthday. I gave surprised to him and I made cupcake for him and he said that the cupcake was so delicious. In this month also was the first time I met his parents and I went to his home. *so happy*.
February: Valentine's day. I celebrated it with my boyfriend in school. Also my mom's birthday and I gave surprised for her. She was excited *so happy*.
March: We prepare for national examination and it was tiring day everyday. We went to school at 7 and came back to home at 5. Soooo tiring.
April: My dad's birthday, my brother and I also gave surprised for him. And this month was a national examination month. But so sadly because the national examination was delay and delay because of 20 packets. Government so stupid.
May: LONG HOLIDAY! But in this month I have to prepare for college. And I graduated from my high school. The bad news of this month is I didn't pass SNMPTN invitation.
June: My 18th birthday. Just celebrated it in Wahaha Restaurant with family and boyfriend. Just 5 of us. This month also I took the SBMPTN test.
July: I didn't pass the SBMPTN test and I took for T2 test in Sam Ratulangi University.
August: So happy because it's already 2 years anniversary with R. But the bad news, the result of T2 test is I didn't pass again for medical faculty but passed in public health faculty. But I don't want so in this month I chose President University but I have to took the test. And I went to Jakarta for took the test. And I was so happy because I passed the test and got scholarship. In this month also was the last time I met my boyfriend. He continued his study in Binus and I'm in PU. So it's difficult to meet each other.
September: My orientation day. It was so unforgettable moment. I met new friends and they were so kind to me. And in this month I elected as Student Ambassador of PU in Manado. So me and my friends from Manado were coming back to hometown for promoted this university.
October: I came back to my hometown for short holiday with my aunt in Pondok Gede. And in this month was my first examination in college (mid exam).
November: So many assignment in this month and then I went to Puncak for 3 days because of retreat. The end of the month I went to Anyar beach for my major gathering.
December: Was my bad experience. It's final exam month but so sadly I couldn't join because of sick. For the first, I got fever and treated in the clinic for 3 days. My mom came to Jakarta and looking for me. And then I came back to dorm with good condition but not really that good. I was thinking that I can join the final exam but so sad only for the first day. After the first day of final exam, at the night I saw my feet have red spots. I called my mom and my mom said I have to asked the nurse or doctor. I asked them and I got DBD. Hiks, this is for the first time I got this. And the first time I admitted to hospital. My parents were so panic. Both of them went to Jakarta for looking me. But I knew that every event has wisdom. What I learn is I have to more discipline especially for my health. Arrange my eat time, and always drink more water. In this month also has a good news. I already register myself for axa mandiri. Finally I can invest my money. Not only for invest but it's including with insurance. So happy :)

Actually there's a lot of things that I have learn in this year. But I don't want to tell here. For my new year resolutions are I will more sensitive with my health, I will study more hard and well to get a good GPA, I will more active in campus and will read more book for my knowledge. I don't want to get sick anymore and make my parents panic and busy with me anymore. That's all :)x

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