Happy New Year!

January 01, 2014

Happy new year fellas! Be grateful for 2013 that has been done, the memories, God still bless us until now and we can still celebrate this new year. I know all of us have some resolution, wish and hope in this year. Of course we want this new year become our year. But you have to make all of your resolution come true. Not just saying. Sometimes people just say anything that they want to do and to get in this year but no action. And it's just happening in the first day of this year. For the next and another day, they're forgetting what they want to do and to get. So, we have to take action and put God in. Without God everything's nothing. Believe in Him and let it flow. 
Okay, new year so it means that it's already January 1st. All of the people are happy but for me no. Actually yes but the other side no. Because as soon as possible I have to back to Jakarta for my study. This is so sad I will leave this hometown. But if I think about it again, I shouldn't be sad. This is life, just enjoy it and everything's gonna be alright.
By the way, yesterday was my brother's 16th birthday. So we did party last night. It was really awesome and I was so happy. Such an unforgettable moment in life. Last day of 2013. :)

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