Welcome 20s!

July 01, 2015

Another year is coming. I'm officially 20 years old. Begin the 20s I want to share about: What should you do to begin your 20s? Here's I have some tips:

- think positive; because positive mind can lead to positive life.
- be productive; just don't spend your time with your gadget or sleep. Because in the age of 20 you will face the real life. So be ready, start work!
- read books and upgrade your knowledge as many as you can; because it's important.
- smile a lot to people; and people will think you're nice person! :)
- make friends; upgrade your link.
- be empathic; not only sympathy 'cause it's not enough.
- start to invest; hey, you will married in less than 10 years!
- concentrate with what you're doing now; if you are a college student, concentrate to finish you college. If you want to start your business, then start it now.
- be confident; it's the power of success!
- do some exercises; to stay healthy and for a long life. :)
- follow your passion; if you don't, find it.

Happy 20s! :)

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