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October 03, 2015

it's October already. it means that December is getting closer! Christmas, a moment that everybody is waiting for. a moment that full of love and happiness because we celebrate with people we love. and everything we love in this moment. yeah, the moment that we've been waiting for is getting closer. just, stay calm. he he.

okay, here I want to share about what I've been done and what I achieved in the previous month which is SEPTEMBER! people said that September is known as "grey month". I don't know maybe it's because there's a song about grey September, never mind. okay.. so, the previous month was an unexpected month for my entire life. I'm too hyperbola, sorry. on September, I won as one of contributors of Cerita Kita website by clean & clear and gogirl! magazine. it's a long story actually but the point is, it was unexpected! I never thought that I will win. the event is actually a workshop about writing, graphic design, photography, beauty enthusiast, and fashion styling class. before we attend the workshop, there's a selection for those who capable to join this workshop. and me is one of it. the selection resulted 50 finalists to attend this workshop. this workshop is not an ordinary workshop but also a 'casting'. if we capable and succeed to pass the test that each coaches are given, we win as the contributors of Cerita Kita website. the test is actually regarding with our class taken. for example, I am taking photography class. so what I do is to photo the product (in here is clean & clear product) with the accessories provided.

first thing first, I didn't really believe that I will be one of the finalists of Cerita Kita. when I join the workshop, I learn so much thing in product photography by kak Nurulita. she is one of famous photographers and also product photographer. and then, kak Nurul gave us a test to photo the product with the accessories provided. actually, I'm not confidence that I can do this. because I'm not really good in product photography; to set a good angle for the product, so the picture looks interesting. all accessories are taken by the rest of finalists in photography class so I only got what is left. but then, I keep calm and start to set the product with the left accessories.

the test is done, and we submit our best picture. so I submit what I'm really sure. before I submit, I consult with kak Nurul. one of my photos that I'm sure it's good, kak Nurul said that it's less shadow. but I believe it's good instead of the rest picture I snap.
the announcement is coming. I didn't hope that I will win. because compared with others, they photos are better than me. but after all, my name is being called. I just can't believe at that time.

in the end, I learn a lot. I learn that no matter it is, just believe in yourself. because only you know what you want and need. only you know about yourself. not others. if others said no but you sure it yes, just said what you believe in. stay true to yourself. :)

my name is typo :( it should has 'h' after 'c'.

want to read my profile? just click here and don't forget to give likes. and last but not least, just wait for my article ya, in Cerita Kita

Christa x

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