Birthdays are fun!

August 01, 2016

Every year, I always try to make my birthday really special. It doesn't have to conduct a big party and invite a lot of people but instead I make my birthday celebration privately with my closest friends by inviting them to my birthday lunch or birthday dinner. It's more way special rather than conduct a big party, for me.

I remember when I was in elementary school, my teacher always taught me that "do not choose friends, make friends with everyone". At that time, I make friends with everyone in school. Then I realized my teacher only taught me with the current situation which I was still a kid, and I make friends with the kids same age with me where those kids didn't know who they really are, they're just thinking you're a good playmate, they're honest with their feelings, laughing at you, and crying if you broke his/her game.

As we grow up, we see the real world. We will meet a lot of new people and some of them will stick to us and become a really good friend, but some of them may also take advantage. So, I choose my friends who can support me, support each other, and bring positive vibes.

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