six things

May 28, 2017

Feels so good to be able to lay on the bed and writing thoughts in this lovely Sunday. To be honest, I'm not a really good writer or expert in writing but I love to write things. Random things and thoughts that I got on that day. Speaking of things, here are six things happened this month:

1. As most of you know or maybe a few or not at all, I'm a huge fan of Paramore. I've been loving this band since 9th grade. Exactly on 12th of May, this band has released their new album with the title "After Laughter".

2. Currently reading English book (British) Resilience by Andrew Zolli & Ann Marie Healy.

3. Currently using Jeju Aloe Vera gel mask. My face is breakout recently because of taking gojek to everywhere (since it is the cheapest transportation), the pollution, and bad sleep time.

4. I am in love with British accent and the people so here's my favorite one.

5. Speaking of youtuber, I got my new favorite and been obsessed watching them.

6. Soon gonna turn 22!

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