Book of the Month: Filosofi Teras by Henry Manampiring

March 24, 2019

Hi everyone! How's life? Hope everything's good and fortune. I just recently finished reading a book from Henry Manampiring: Filosofi Teras. This book is recommended by one of friend of mine. The author is very well-known in digital and creative industry. He wrote this book and shared about his method in applying the philosophy *which this philosophy sounds new to me* to his life about to control ourselves (our mind) instead of responding to the things that we can't control. This philosophy is called Stoic or he called Filosofi Teras in Bahasa.

This book is recommended for millennials and gen Z which known as a fast-pace generation, gak pake lama, want something instantly, and when it comes to something that against our idealism, we will reactively mad. Our generation also known as a generation which worried things so much. We sometimes compare ourselves to others which lead us to insecurities e.g. impact of social media. Especially, we all know that recently the news boomed about that one of famous, multi talented, and successful actress just got into the 2 of the most prestigious universities (Stanford and Harvard): Maudy Ayunda. She's really genius *all people admit it*, which makes us questioning and denying ourselves that, 'am I capable enough?', 'ah, Maudy kan artis jadi udah gampanglah masuknya' instead of saying 'I want to be like Maudy', 'If Maudy can, then I can, nothing is impossible'. I mean, Maudy is also working so hard to get there. She knows what she wants and she never gives up. I think we must reflect and look into ourselves in order to know our capabilities. Build the positive emotion instead of worrying things. Which relates to this book: a guidance to start controlling our negative emotion. I don't want to talk more into the history of this philosophy was founded, but why is it applicable and still relevant to this digital era. Which maybe it got you thinking that philosophy is so old-school and boring and why is it still applicable to our generation?
Stoisism or Philosophy of Stoic or Stoa Philosophy or Filosofi Teras is a way of life. This way of life helps Caesar Marcus Aurelius in his time to manage his tasks as a leader. He remembered as a 'Good Caesar' in roman empire. He was really pay attention to his citizens, his life was way far from hedonism, and famously known as a just and merciful leader. Philosophy of Stoic really helps you to choose which are the things are under our control and which are not so we can more focusing on things we can control in order to avoid stressful and negative emotions. It helps us to train our mentality so we can survive with this ups and downs of life.

The author of the book was also interviewed some people who applied Philosophy of Stoic to their daily life so we can see not only in one perspective but also many: how does it work in certain people.

If you ask about my opinion, I would give this book 4.5 stars. To me, it's kinda difficult to apply this philosophy into my life, but hey…I'm working on it. Prove: simple example was when I have to present a proposal in front of a client, my adrenaline was rushing, I think a lot of things which makes me more nervous. Then I realized that, those things that I think a lot were out of my control: 'what will the client respond to the proposal?', 'what are their questions?', etc. Instead, I try to focus on myself: mastered the content of proposal, be positive, and present it well.

I'm not promoting this book but hey you can give it a try. The most readable book you need to have in your book case!

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