I Start Journaling

July 13, 2019

Have you ever been so confused to differentiate between journal and diary? Or you think it is just the same because journal is a modern word of diary? I saw lots of youtube video talked about journaling and it draws me a conclusion that it is actually more or less the same with diary: you pour all of your thoughts in a notebook which makes you feel more relieved. Only the different is, journal leads you to have a new idea or helping you to do what's next, while diary is like a daily report about what have been happened on that day to you. Journal is also depending on what you want to write: it can be a dream journal: which you write all of your dreams and goals, what are the problems, and limits that prevent you to achieve it, then followed by the timeline on how you execute your dreams; a gratitude journal: listing down everything that makes you grateful each day; or an intuitive journal: write everything you want to write without even thinking for a sec. You can learn more this kind of journal here.

I've been curious these past couple of months about journaling. Many people so pro about journaling even recommend their audience to do so because it makes them feel so productive to run the day, feel more focus, and content. So I decided, why don't I try? 

But..I just want to find a perfect notebook for doing this, a thick & simple one (lol, sorry, I'm picky). Then one fine day, when I have this kind of dinner date appointment with my girlfriends, I visited Gramedia first to look whether the notebook I want is in there. Then, there it was...I found it! This notebook, the same brand and look, that I've been using since 3 years ago is finally restock in Gramedia. I've been looking for this kind of notebook but the last time I went there, nothing. You can buy this notebook via online here.

Then I start journaling. It's been a week now. Everyday, 6.30 in the AM, I write 2 pages for whatever I feel and thinking on that moment. And seriously, everytime I write, there's always something new came up inside my mind.

"Whether you're keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it's the same thing. What's important is you're having a relationship with your mind." 
- Natalie Goldberg

There's actually a lot of things I'd like to do and I've been abandoned it for my whole life. I even made a spreadsheet on how to execute it, but I do nothing. I even don't know where to begin. I was using Google Calendar to make the agenda but again, I just ignore it & do nothing. Then after doing journaling for a week, I just realised that my mind is a mess. I couldn't focus on one thing. Journaling helps me so far to be more focus. It's like a meditation through writing and I really need this kind of meditation.

Okay, I know it's just a week. So I challenge myself to continue do this consistency. I will let you guys know the result in the next 30 days. Is it truly helping me or just a temporary? 

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