I Graduated!

May 29, 2013

thank God, i graduated! feeling happy cause God hear my pray. although there's a little bit problem, but i believe God will make everything smoothly. 

so happy when i read this!

and.....this is remains uniform. white and red. my school's sign uniform. the another uniforms are already donated. 

and did you know guys? for my graduation gift, my dad gave me a new iphone! so happy....totally. but sadly i can't use my blackberry anymore. it's consequence. but never mind. i try to use this now. confuse at first, but over time i'm wonted. hehe..

i changed the case. i'm not using this case :)
for my pathetic story, i do not pass from SNMPTN the invitation :( when looking my friends are pass it made me down at first. but over time, that feeling are gone. maybe it's not the right time. and maybe God has another way and He had other plans for me. for now, i have to use well this time. for study and following SBMPTN test. 20 more days. it's not long.

wish me luck for my SBMPTN test guys. it's my last hope to go to college. if no, i have to go to Jakarta and study there.

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