My Personality

December 04, 2013

I just fad to search some sources to test my personality. And I found this website But if you want to open it (for Indonesian), you have to search from google first with the keyword "tes kepribadian" and find that address. Because if you type that address directly, you won't get the test like what I got. After you find it, you will be give some statements that are related with yours. And you just follow them and choose and you will get your specific personality. And this is what I got (my personality):
It's so me totally. By the way, it's using Indonesia language. But if you're not Indonesian, you can open the website above and choose English because it has many language to use except Indonesia. Actually, it has Indonesia language but sometimes it's error when you opening it. Come on, test your personality so you can well-known yourself and you can change your bad personality and develop your good one. Happy testing! :)

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