March 23, 2014

Do you guys already have pinterest account yet? Well, pinterest is very useful for me. It helps a lot! Don't have any idea for decorating your room? Just type 'decorate' in searching place and it will show you many creative decorations. Or you guys love fashion? Just type 'fashion' in the same place and you will get what you want! Useful right? It helps! And in pinterest, you can re-pin what you love in your profile. It will look like this: 
It helps us if you forgot to save the picture that you have searched but you already pin it, you can directly see it in your profile. Don't forget to put the title when you pin it so you can easily find what you want. But maybe some of you think that it's just the same with we heart it, right? Yup, you're right. But for me, pinterest is more interesting and easy to use. Well, let's make pinterest account and don't forget to follow me :p web in 'more account' badge. :)

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