Hello Fresh Graduate!

November 04, 2017

Last June was my 22nd birthday. I couldn't believe life's changing so fast. I am no longer a student and right now I need to deal with bills and everything related to the adult thingy. I know it's fun, when you start owning a credit card, monthly income, buying everything you want without asking your parents, saving money for the next fun trip, and many more. However, being an adult is also quite hard and complicated: in finding a loyal friend like when you were in high school and college, in managing your time (of course you will have less free time), in differentiating between what's need and want (I know, right?), more stressful (perhaps), you named it. The truth is, life goes on and we need to face it. Running away from your problem is not cool, dude. Here's the things you need to start doing no matter what, especially for you the fresh graduate like me:
  1. Be more active - ask for task don't just wait, lend your help to others, be more active. I know it's hard, I found it hard too, but believe me this is really working and the employer will see the plus point in you.
  2. Be consistent - especially when it comes to mood. Sometimes, we hate the task given so it can change our mood whole day. Try to chill and accept it. Here's the mantra: every successful people are starting from the bottom, even J.K. Rowling has to dealt with suicide before she finally become a billionaire.
  3. Keep moving forward - yes, you know what I mean :)
  4. Keep learning and learning - creativity doesn't come instantly but by learning regularly.
  5. Stop thinking about money - all you need to do is to find your passion & follow your guts then the money will follow.
  6. Be positive - I don't know how many times people said this but yeah it is really important. Believe that you can do it. If someone can, then you can. Nothing is impossible.
  7. Learn to say no - of course without feeling guilty. It is not selfish, it's about self love.
  8. Then...stop comparing yourself with others - be yourself, be your own unique.

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