The Return of The Young Prince by A.G. Roemmers | #WeekendBook

February 24, 2018

Hi, I am back. It's been months and now I am coming back to freshen up your mood with these quotes and important notes I got from the book #2 of The Little Prince. I don't know if you guys haven't seen my previous post about the book #1 but here in case you curious.

Yes, I finally made it to the second book. It's pretty good book because you'll learn here how important friends, family, and the environment are. 

  • "A problem is like a door you haven't got the key to." 
  • "Feelings of guilt paralyse us and keep us from solving a lot of problems. Taking responsibility makes those feelings disappear and allows us to do more positive things, such as making up as far as possible for the harm we've done. Or simply moving on and not falling back into the behaviour that made us feel guilty in the first place."
  • "If I see a face I don't like in the mirror, the only thing I can do is smile. And in the same way, if you have an aggressive neighbour, try to be kinder yourself. If you want a good son, start by being a good father or vice versa. And the same goes for husbands, wives, bosses, employees, etc. There's only one way of changing the world, and that's by changing yourself."
  • "To live is to learn."
  • "Develop purity and you will be transparent, imagine yourself as generous and you'll fertilize your surroundings; rejuvenate yourself and your coolness will quench the thirst of the places you pass. Trust in your ideals and you will inspire others; become aware of your being and you will awaken those who live in their sleep. Live with purpose and you will fulfil your destiny."
  • "There is always something we can do, even if we don't believe it ourselves."
  • "There are things you can't put a price on."
  • "They should concentrate on living, being and loving in every moment, and not get so obsessed with their final destination. The most important thing is to be as attentive and aware as possible, with our senses awakened and our ability to love utterly intact, so that we can exist right here and right now, and enjoy life and be creative, trapped in neither the past nor the future."
  • "Mistakes --> if you're smart, you'll be able to learn lessons from other people's mistakes without having to repeat them yourself. Books, teachers, and other people's stories can show you the way, but in the end it's you that has to decide what knowledge you will take on."
  • "You'll be happy if you love and forgive, because then you'll be loved and forgiven in turn. You can't forgive if you don't love. And finally, it's impossible to love and forgive others without loving and forgiving yourself first."
  • "To live better is to draw fully on everything that life offers, and be open to anything that might enrich us emotionally, materially, or spiritually."
  • "Being impressive means nothing if it hasn't been in the service of others."

And there are still lots of it. What's your #WeekendBook you're currently read? 


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