Life Update: New Instagram Account and Some More

June 03, 2019

Hola fellas! Quick update: I just created a new Instagram account specifically to share my passion in photography. I have lots of favorite pictures that I want to share but I think it's better to create a new IG account instead of spam it on my main account. I've been loving photography since junior high school and actually....till now, but my ability is shrinking because I stop practicing and do photo hunting *sight*. I really hope by creating this new IG account, I'll be doing more of photo shoot and works. So here's my new Instagram account: @christalitha_ friends and I currently have a project which to educate millennials and people out there who want to learn and know about investment. Our team consist of 5 people and each of us has its own role. For mine is a videographer! My role as a videographer is to shoot the video, but before do that, I have to think about the angle in order to make the outcome of video looks nicely, which very new to me and a bit challenging. But I'm there eager to learn. 
By the way, if you are curious about our project, kindly check it here and please show some love by subscribe & watch it 😉

Oh, and also..this month I'll be soon gonna hit 24 years old! Time flew so fast. Wondering what I have became and done so far. He he. 

See you soon! :)x

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  1. Hey girl,

    You have such an amazing blog here. I really love your content. Well done. I visited you from my blog - where your recently passed a comment.

    Keep it up sis.