Social Media Addiction: This Is For You

July 20, 2019

If you read my previous post, you must be knew that I'm currently doing journaling as part of my daily meditation. Journaling so far helps me to focus, because...yeah, my mind is a mess. I couldn't focus on one thing, thing that I'm doing at that moment which makes me not enjoying the moment of 'now'. 

Have you ever been wasting your time on scrolling down Instagram feed, right tap on Instagram stories, and stalking someone's (read: ex or someone you hate/ love) Instagram account? I bet you did. We all did. Instagram and the other social media have been our daily dose. We will miss the news if not looking to the Instagram. FOMO, I would say. And, it's okay. It's okay to do that but the most important thing is you know how to respond to it. It will become a problem when it starts making you feel insecure and demotivated. You start comparing yourself with those people you only know online. 

I do believe that we all know what to do. Some people create second account just to follow their close friends/ favorite influencers, some people deactivated their account, while some people directly delete the application. I'm not saying it's all wrong. These are only a few of things the way people handle it. We all know our limits and ourselves. So do something that works for us best. For me, I can recommend a few things to handle this:

  1. Control your mind. Focus on what really matters. Focus on yourself. There would be someone ahead of you, there would be someone has achieved your childhood dreams. Don't be jealous. Let it be motivation for you to work for it as well. People are in their own time zone. So perhaps you haven't in the right time yet. 
  2. Start a new hobby. There might be things you want to do and you've been abandoned it for years. Life is so pathetic if you just waste on social media. There are so many wonderful events in life that we can focus on.
  3. Let social media be a platform/ channel to find inspiration instead of becoming life comparison. Hey, remember, people are just showing their good side. You never know what's behind their digital life. Follow certain account the you like the most that share positive content and can inspired you. Because I love photography, creative living, home decor, cooking, and books, I follow many of these influencers such as dore, coffeeandbookss, npmalina (my favorite photographer and cooking! :P), alodita, bleubird, racheltabott, sunbeamsjess, and many more. If necessary, I also save some of my favorite post and categorize them just like a Pinterest. 
  4. Setting the screen time app limit. If you use iPhone, you can set the screen time for application. Add time limit for social media application approximately for 10-15 minutes. Once you've done, it will pop up a reminder to close down the app if you have reached the certain time limit. 
  5. Don't think too hard and serious about this life. Enjoy every step and process in it. Be a process-oriented person. No matter what the outcome would be, at least you get the experienced and have enjoyed the process.
  6. The last but not least, just do believe in yourself. Believe that if others can do it, so do you. 

"Don't think too hard about your future or where you're headed. Do what makes you happy and what brings you the most joy."
- Lucie Fink

You have one life and it gives you two options, whether you want to create it or destroy it. 
So choose wisely. :)

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